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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Presentation / Presentación

Don Antonio Barrera Banda is one of the most talented and authentic curanderos (shamans, healers) ayahuasqueros from the Peruvian Amazon. He was recognized as a special child at a very early age. By the age of nine, he had developed such abilities as telepathy and telekinesis. At age 16 a tree fell on him crushing a large portion of his skull. His injuries were so severe that his family had to take him to a number of hospitals before one would accept him. They all thought there was no point in operating because he appeared to be already dead. He was pronounced clinically dead. Meanwhile his spirit was actually travelling to a different realm. There he met with spirit teachers who taught and showed him the many layers of reality. The same spirits guides that accompany him now and help him do his healings. It was also during these initial spiritual travels that he became aware of the preciousness of his life and made a vow to God that if he could return he would dedicate his life to healing and humanity. Within six months, he was healing people around his neighbourhood. Word began to spread quickly of his miraculous abilities and his newfound special powers. Antonio would come home from school to find a house full of people waiting to be healed. He is what you might call a shamanic child prodigy. Antonio now spends an average of two months a year in solitary retreat in the jungle communicating with the spirits and learning from the plants. There are very few young people who are willing to study shamanism due to the rigors of retreats and the special dietary and lifestyle restrictions that are necessary to become a true vegetalista. Antonio conducts healing ceremonies in and Iquitos, Peru as well as deep in the Amazon jungle when necessary. He uses many different healing techniques especially Ayahuasca ceremonies. He also incorporates a wide range of herbal preparations prescribing dietary regimens such as blowing the smoke of the Mapacho over afflicted energy centers in the body, aromatic flowers baths, herbal steam therapies and hands-on healing techniques. He has a thriving local practice but also works with visitors from many other countries around the world. At age 26 he gave his first international conferences in Europe. Antonio, also known as Tony, is a gifted oracionista who sings powerful magical songs called icaros. Each icaro is a power song, given to the shaman by the spirits, and has a different purpose. He has a large repertoire of icaros “chants” which are enriched by his hauntingly beautiful voice.

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